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  • Organisational Development . Strategy . Processes . Structures.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” ~ Jim Collins

Organizational Development

We combine various tools, processes and interventions in a structured and planned manner to create solutions that enhance your organisation Read more

HR Consulting

Whether you want to create a new competency model or just revise and revamp your existing model, Drishtique has the right tools for the job. Read more

Skill Development

The workshop utilizes hands-on activities and structured opportunities for reflection, modeling through practice, and coaching from workshop facilitators along with presentation of theory and pedagogy.. Read more

Training & Development

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support and updates you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Read more

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  • Top Professionals with many years of experience at top MNCs
  • Partnership with world leading Assessment programs
  • Fast Growing blue-chip client list
  • Clear Point of View to give you quick and optimal decisions
  • Thought Leadership
  • Hand-holding and post project follow-up

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  • Focused Leader
    Focused Leader
    A primary task of leadership is to direct attention.To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention. When we speak about being focused, we commonly mean thinking about one thing...
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