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About Us

As a leader, you have a vision for your organization and your people to create value.  In your journey to scaling new summits, your vision remains consistent but the path may appear blurred.  It’s time to change your lens.

The Sanskrit word for vision is Drishti.  Drishtique partners with you to change your lens bringing your vision and your needs together with our unique perspective.  Dristique facilitates organizational transformation through clear vision, adaptive strategy, realistic planning and seamless execution.

At Drishtique, we provide end to end talent optimization solutions that support screening, hiring, development, coaching, succession planning and talent management.

We offer state-of-the-art talent selection and development solutions to clients. Our focus is on two fundamental assets in an organization that help leadership make critical decisions -People and Processes

Some very crucial questions that leadership is faced with:

  • What talent to hire or promote and when?
  • How to evaluate and develop employees to their optimal capability?
  • How to organize employees to maximize their collective potential?

Our aim is to provide robust tools and processes to meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. We actively support our solutions with specific, cost-effective assessments, training, consulting and coaching services.

Every business needs a partner who can help predict success, a partner who truly understands what makes people better at what they do; because finding the right person for the right job within an organization means higher performance, increased engagement, quicker time-to-productivity and lower turnover. Résumés, applications and interviews alone cannot do the job—you need a prediction tool that gives you the power to choose the right candidate with confidence. Our assessment platforms do exactly that. They predict with unsurpassed precision! No instrument has a 100% predictive value but we can humbly claim very high levels of it with our suite of instruments.

We believe that a genuine person-job match happens when a candidate or employee, has the right combination of knowledge, skills and attitude to succeed within an organization. When these three variables are measured independently and stacked up against the unique work drivers of an organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.