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Our Values


When you seek out external expertise to transform your workforce, you want your blind spots to be illuminated by an accurate assessment of ground realities, not the consultant’s perception of what you would like to see. Drishtique breathes candour into all of its client engagements. We will not tell you what we think you want to hear. We will surface issues even uncomfortable ones because we know that you need all the chips on the table to be in a position to make the right strategic decisions.


We are committed to driving quality and fostering innovation; continually learning, adapting and changing. We acknowledge that this is a never-ending pursuit but we persist tirelessly nonetheless. We will be steadfast to this value regardless of the industry you operate in, changing market circumstances or disruptive technology. As we endeavour to deliver world class solutions for your workforce, we will meet every obstacle head-on and transform them into levers for growth.


We can’t be a part of your peaks if we are not there for you in the troughs. Our partnership with your organization is a commitment to co-own your issues, opportunities and concerns; and collaboratively work towards appropriate solutions. We will show up and be there for you even if you just need someone with whom to sound out ideas. All consulting firms claim to own their solutions. However, we also own our client relationships and through this vibrant environment marked by creativity and accountability, we will propel your people to pushing the boundaries of their ability