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Organizations need a long view strategy to drive growth and create value for shareholders.  Generally, organizational strategy tends to focus on products, services and clients because these elements can help you become an industry leader. However, transforming your firm into an institution requires you to trigger the internal drivers of growth – your organization’s human capital.


Archana Chaurasia Kapoor has the ability to vision transformative futures for your organization and create pragmatic routes to reach these destinations.

Archana’s ability to see through the clutter of policies and processes and identify core needs facilitates the envisioning of new exciting realities for your organization based on the current circumstances of its workforce.  She has a proven track record in the BFSI industry of creating frameworks for growth from the ground up.

However, Archana’s real strength lies in her skill in creating and executing plans to achieve this long term vision.  Her infectious energy coupled with her exceptional relationship management skills provide her with the perfect arsenal to drive plans to fruition.  Her time with INSEAD, the prestigious France-based business school, validates her capacity to look at issues from a 30,000 foot view and then zoom into the nuts and bolts when required.


All organizations, regardless, of industry, sector or geography, face the universal truism of needing to improve their people’s performance in order to stay in and up the game. However, when people are involved in this process, performance improvement is frequently the outcome of behavioural change, a complex, challenging and sometimes seemingly insurmountable process.

Saman Khan’s eight years of domain-specific experience has endowed her with a portfolio of skills based on robust psycho-cognitive disciplines and cutting-edge learning approaches for creating behavioural change in organizations.

Her expertise is drawn from four areas that collectively drive performance improvement solutions.

Saman’s background in psychology and rational emotional behaviour therapy gives her deep insight into why employees behave the way they do. In the absence of this understanding, Talent and learning interventions become procedural and largely ineffective.

To understand the psychological profiles of individuals, Saman leverages her strengths in psychometric analysis. She is a certified MBTI and DISC practitioner and uses the outcomes of psychometric analyses for profiling employees and promoting experiential learning.

Her personal facilitation style is based on innovative methodology that includes the use of psychometric tools, focus group discussions, role plays, psychodrama, simulations, simulated exercises, case studies, multimedia tools and outbound activities. Our clients tell us that Saman’s knowledge, incisiveness coupled with her zest for performance improvement enable her to implement pioneering initiatives in organizational development.

Despite her senior profile, Saman continues to facilitate workshops and coach emerging leaders, something that enables her to analyse needs and create practical solutions at various levels for clients across industries.


Saman and Archana complement and build on each other’s strengths facilitating a creative dynamic that our clients love engaging with. Saman’s expertise in psychology and instructional methodology along with Archana’s insight into strategy, brand and leadership creates the perfect combination for empowering your organization to go from an industry leader to an institution.