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Why Drishtique?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a kingdom renowned for its visionary leaders and industrious subjects.   However, the kingdom stopped prospering. So, its wise leaders decided they needed to  pave the way for new traditions.  They sought help from a powerful wizard who promised to restore the kingdom to its former glory.  The wizard spent months travelling the length and breadth of the kingdom to  discover the ingredients for an elixir to revive the land’s fortunes.  He finally came home with all that insight and took a bottle of coloured water from his shelf. He then handed it over to the king, calling it a special magic potion conceived to address all that ailed the land.  Time passed and the leaders realized that the kingdom was still where it was and the magic potion was just an off the shelf offering.

Has your vision for your organization been thwarted by a consulting wizard?  What you required was a unique solution that suited your needs. At Drishtique, our approach is defined by your needs.  We believe  organizational transformation happens through clear vision, adaptive strategy, realistic planning and seamless execution, not magic potions.

This is how we make a difference…

Clear. Adaptive. Realistic. Seamless solutions